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Year 14 Day 108 1:36
Tenrek Skylo
Tenrek Skylo
I've been looking for the classifieds and can't find it!
What happened? Where is all the advertising if there is no classifieds?


Tenrek Skylo
Mercenary Guild
Year 14 Day 108 2:42
Ara`il Sa`ren
Ara`il Sa`ren
The Classifieds were rarely used, so if they aren't here anymore I would hazard a guess they were removed for that reason. As for the advertising, you can check the Commerce Forum (under RPG Center) for people advertising their wares and services, and Centrepoint Marketplace ( is a vast trade hub for people buying and selling their assets.

Year 14 Day 108 8:42
-rarely used

They were quite popular (enough to be unwieldy to manage much of the time) while they were functional back in the day but at some point they ended up deleting posts shortly after they were posted, and they were never fixed, just eventually deleted since we have the forums serving the same function anyway.



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