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Archives » Combat NPCs and multiple sensor packs.
I have a question with regard to my Elite Ewok Space Marines, since I've been having to redo all of my fitouts due to the numerous rule changes while I was gone.

Say I have a squad of twleve including myself and 11 Elite Ewok Space Marines, ten of which rifleman and one a scout. Obviously I want to share sensors with the rest of my Elite Ewok Space Marines, so I equip the scout (perception 5) with a multiple sensor pack in the utility slot. I too have a MSP in my utility slot, thus I can share sensors with my scout as well.

So now let's say a party of bandits comes within my sensor range, and I order the entire squad to attack. Who will fire? Will only I and the scout fire, since we have the actual sensors on the target, in addition to any rifleman that may have perception 5? Or will the entire squad fire regardless since the scout and I would be able to point out where they are?

To sum it up: Do I need to equip all of my Elite Ewok Space Marines with multiple sensor packs? Hopefully somebody that has had the luxury of going to Derra can chime in.


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Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
If you can see em and your squad is equipped with weapons within the bandit's range, your whole group can effectively engage.

Strike word squad enter word party..

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Vaas Dae`skal
Vaas Dae`skal
Also just to note, you can have you and 12 NPCs which unless you're just roaming you can place scouts with msps and 5 percep at 5,5 5,16 16,16 and 16,5 to see the entire square.