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Year 14 Day 110 19:26
I am currently trying to kick NPC's out due to having it maxed out with NPC's. As currently the ship is on the ground, surface, not moving, and I am given the option to kick an NPC but I am unable to and can't understand why I am not able to.


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Year 14 Day 110 22:21
'facility block'? ..maybe move ship?

Edited By: Choo Sea on Year 14 Day 110 22:22
Year 14 Day 111 6:18
I don't think its that. And then if it was in a compromising position, he CANT move it Choo. Being it filled with NPCs and all, unless he has something to squad it with.


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Year 14 Day 111 6:44
Terrain restriction? I can't really think of specific restrictions that might interfere, but worth a shot.



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Year 14 Day 112 10:10
It was because I was trying to a Kick the NPC while being inside a ship that is maxed out with passengers.

As it seems the NPC will be kicked to the location I am at, makes sense, I just needed to kick the NPC somewhere where there is room the NPC and Myself.

Though thank you for your input as I will be sure to remember that the next time I (hopefully not) mess up like this.


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