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Archives » CP ship piloting skill refund.
Year 14 Day 110 21:29
I never got it.And I would like it :)
I asked in help and filed a support ticket.


This was ugly so I removed it.
Year 14 Day 110 21:46
You need to wait for someone to address the support ticket.

Year 14 Day 110 21:47
I never got an email or the support ticket number so I have no way of checking.


This was ugly so I removed it.
Year 14 Day 110 21:48
Sylvin Macflint
Sylvin Macflint
This may not be the case with your character, but it's worth a look..
Does your race skill automatically apply a skill point towards cap. ship piloting?
If that is the case I don't believe that is a point that can be returned for applying elsewhere..

ie. Arconas, Hapan, Sullustan, and Bosph..

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Year 14 Day 110 22:07


This was ugly so I removed it.
Year 14 Day 112 8:33
Your ticket was closed on January 30th by Gav. DM him if you want further information. Ticket #326402

Edited By: Jevon Lambright on Year 14 Day 112 8:34

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