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Year 14 Day 161 16:31
Jaster Frey
Jaster Frey
What do astromechs do? I noticed they haven't been implemented yet, but can the do something besides moving around?

Year 14 Day 161 17:08
Some of then can pilot ships while you enter something docked inside of that ship while its moving, as in the ship won't abort travel if you have a droid with pilot skills in the cockpit.


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Year 14 Day 164 17:24
Jaster Frey
Jaster Frey
What is a cheap blaster that is good for beginners?

Year 14 Day 164 18:31
I bought a DL-44 as my starting weapon. Whatever you decide to buy though is up to you.


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Year 14 Day 164 19:22
The best blaster for you as a beginner is don't worry about it. Save your money and wait for what you want instead of settling for what you can afford.


Year 14 Day 164 23:17
NPC shops (in all race starting cities) have weapons you can buy if you're near one. You won't find anything cheaper/more convenient.