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Archives » Year 14 Day 159, 10:11 You have died!
OK... so I died; lost a level 6 ; my ship,16M credits, items, etc....

but HOW did I die and why? It doesn't show anything in my logs.



Did you fly into a sun? Or a black hole? Did someone kill you, as in execute? Those are only ways you can die for now, as far as I know.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Cant't you die from damage of failed door installation too? If you are low on hit points when it hits, of course.

Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
You cannot die by a door.
A door takes 10 HPs. since you need in a minimum 1 HP you would reach -9. Only at -10 and less you are dead.

No sun. Not sure of a Black Hole. It doesn't show anything in my log....

1 Year 14 Day 159, 10:11 You have died!
2 Year 14 Day 156, 0:02 You gained 323 XP with the following message: Finished travelling in hyperspace, arrived at your destination Nicht Ka at (276, 323)

Thats odd, hopefully admins will be able to tell you what happened. Or have you perhaps Dropped Character by accident?


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Its not a black hole. Nicht Ka doesn't have any.

That is really weird, though...


Jacen Bae`le
Jacen Bae`le
even if there was black holes. they shouldn't be at any hyperspace exit points.
was anyone on the crewlist of your ship?


9 out of 10 fully written posts are never posted because, I am too lazy to hit the post button.
No, I was alone.

Guess I'll send a request to the Admins and see what they have to say about it. I was going around and visiting places I have read about in the books.

Seems odd the three day delay in the death as well.

You entered the system fine but some how died 3 days later don't make sense.

Who's ship were you using to explore with?

My own personal YT 1200. Doesn't matter anyway.... lost everything I had and now have to start over. Not sure if I will be recreating a new character or not........

Chances are if it was a bug, Admins can do something about it.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 14 Day 163 14:49
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: nothing to see here
The YT-1210 YT Medusa 1210 piloted by Xanthar Bloodmoon has been damaged by the gravitational pull of Supermassive Blackhole.

Not a bug. After Nicht Ka, you hypered to Galactic Center (0, 0), which does have black holes.

Still, there shouldn't be black holes at hyperspace exit points.

Never been near a supermassive. Gravitational pull could either do damage or (don't quote me) draw in an entity to the event horizon?


You only die by going into the square with the blackhole, just like suns. I suspect he sublighted around to look around and ran into one.


Maha Michi
Maha Michi
Though that is... not all the entry points are available to be entered from safely.

For example, the screen image for Galactic Center only shows 4 of the 8 entry points not covered by the blackholes. If you by chance entered at one of the other 4 points covered by the blackholes, you might have a chance of dying?

Also brings up the question of which entry point he came in from. (unless he sublighted, like Syn stated)

Edited By: Syn on Year 14 Day 163 19:48

Yes, he sublighted into a black hole. There is no bug here.