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Year 14 Day 166 13:29
So, I have been in the mood to shoot some creatures or bandits, but I have no idea where any of them would be found. So my question is, Where do I find them? Do you find them on empty square things on planets? Or do they just randomly appear with like a .0000009 percent chance of being actually found?

Thanks in advance.

Year 14 Day 166 13:36
They spawn on any empty squares that do not already contain a slab or a player, just like (and in addition to) bandits.

It helps to have high perception (or the aid of macrobinoculars, or other sensor boosts like other NPCs/ships to share sensors with) so you can see more of the square.

Pretty high chance; I find creatures on almost every square. Sometimes just bandits. Rare occasion nothing at all.

(almost) full square coverage, bandits only
partial square coverage, creatures!

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Year 14 Day 166 17:45
When I was hunting I found that pretty much 100% of the time there were 2 squads of bandits and 2 squads of creatures. Granted I only spent a month or so doing it, and only ventured between 2 jungle terrains, but that is my experience.


Year 14 Day 166 19:41
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
i have only seen once where i hit a square and had nothing there..currently I am at a terrain with 2 groups of 24 creatures and a bandit squad, and that is only the top half of the terrain that i can see. So they are very easy to find ;).. good luck in your first hunt.