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Year 14 Day 173 18:30
Jaster Frey
Jaster Frey
This question has probably been asked a hundred times, but is there seriously no space or ground combat? How do paramilitary faction exsit and blasters work then?

Year 14 Day 173 18:55
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
PvP is on Derra atm in bata. SvS is not out yet. There is bandit hunting and creature hunting on all planets with terrain. And you can arrest and execute players under the A/E restrictions.

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Year 14 Day 173 20:20
Jaster Frey
Jaster Frey
So does that basically mean there is no use for blasters outside of Derra?

Year 14 Day 173 20:44
No. PvP is only on Derra.

Creature and Bandit hunting is possible on squares that have not been slabbed. However, you may not find a creature or bandit on every unslabbed square

Year 14 Day 179 12:33
SWC didn't have Creature and Bandit combat for an entire decade. There really was no use for a blaster. Now you can shoot creatures for XP, shoot them and if you are lucky get a drop you can sell for cash, or if you are really lucky you get a creature egg you can hatch into a creature of your own.
Or you can shoot Bandits for XP, or if you are lucky an item the bandit was wearing/using can drop.
Now you can shoot other people on the one planet of Derra.
See? Lots of uses for guns.

--Arch, out.

Year 14 Day 187 22:25
now if only there could be a way to attack other planets or ambush traveling fleets of enemy factions ....