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Archives » A Rurmor that needs addressing
Year 7 Day 100 3:19
Oilios Katastrefor
Oilios Katastrefor
Since the discussion thread isn't open to other rumors, i'd like to post it here where it will get read.

Rumor has it that Thraken's Modified XL battlecruiser was purchased from teh admins by AdamAFlynn for several hundred million credits. I was wondering if the admins could comfirm or deny this, and in the event it is true, if they could explain their reasoning.

As the person who had a 'slight' hand in Thraken's death, I would like to say that one of the main reasons I recieved orders to pull the trigger was in order to take his large fleet out of commission due to the danger it presented.

If this rumor is also true, I would like to know why AdamAFlynn was the only one presented with the oppurtunity to purchase such a ship.


The above is taken from suggestion fourm post.

The below is taken from a log:

[05:15:25] [02:07:15] So why DID Flynn get Thraken's XL-7000?
[05:15:25] [02:11:58] what's the ID of thrakens?
[05:15:25] [02:12:00] any idea?
[05:15:25] [02:12:02] 17470
[05:15:25] [02:12:39] 14953 is the one I have
[05:15:25] [02:12:49] so I guess that was the one I sold toa dam then yes =)
[05:15:28] ~
[05:15:28] [02:13:22] I was asking you why he had it.
[05:15:29] [02:13:25] oh
[05:15:29] [02:13:26] right
[05:15:29] [02:13:28] he bought it




Imperial Star Destroyer I

Length: 1,600 m

Hull: 10,000
Deflector Shields: 8,000
Ionic Capacity: 5,000

Hyperspeed: 2
Sublight Speed: 10 MGLT
Manoeuvrability: 1

Turbolasers: 80
Ion Batteries: 60
Tractor Beams: 10

Just for comparassion.

Edited By: Oilios Katastrefor on Year 7 Day 100 3:41
Year 7 Day 100 9:50
Considering ships from the dead aren't supposed to be sold until there's a fully functional market, this is a good question.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 7 Day 100 13:02
Issue already solved, was a misstake on my side that will be corrected as soon as I see Adam.
That ship shouldn't have been sold but was by me without me recalling whose it was or how I had aquired it.

Short summary: Scapegoat = Redbat. Solution = Ship to be removed.