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Year 14 Day 185 2:00
Elas Sacara
Elas Sacara
So I recently moved house and since then I've had somewhat sporadic connectivity to IRC.

Sometimes i'll connect fine but others am given a "You are not allowed on this network" message.

I'm pretty sure there is an issue on my end. Has anyone else had this issue and/or knows how to fix it?

Year 14 Day 186 6:21
That's a services ban message, so it actually isn't on your end. I've cleared out some obsolete akills in case you were getting caught in them, as two had some similarity to your IP and I'm guessing you have a dynamic IP address. If it happens again, just post here so I can check again for an updated IP.



Can't see this sig or sometimes other images? Chrome now default blocks mixed content on secure sites like SWC.
Go to chrome://settings/content/insecureContent and add www.swcombine.com to the Allow list.
If you want. I'm not your dad or whatever.
Year 14 Day 186 12:23
Elas Sacara
Elas Sacara
Thanks syn, after posting I looked into it more and found out I was G-line killed.