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Archives » Who is the Grand Admiral in A New Hope?
I am watching this movie again for the thousandth time and it reminded me I have always wondered who the guy in the white uniform was on the Death Star in the beginning. He has no lines and it seems like Moff Tarkin is in charge but he is wearing a white uniform so he should be a Grand Admiral right? Or should I just chalk it up to bad continuity on George Lucas' part?

Edit: Two other guys just walked down the hallway with the same uniform in the scene where Chewbacca is handcuffed so I guess there is no real significance to the uniform in this movie.

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he is ISB.
they show other ISB as well.

Imperial Security Bureau basically intelligence.


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II is External Intelligence. ISB is Internal Security and Intelligence.

Also he is Colonel Wullf Yularen.

You're welcome.

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Thanks! I knew someone here would know the answer. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.