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Archives » new quest system (ik one is being made)
well their be quests given based on what side of the force you tend to be?

TAKE IN MIND THAT THIS EXAMPLE IS JUST TO SHOW THE IDEA OF THE QUESTION IM ASKING IF both sides of the force get oriented quests or not ok:

Example. Quest: sith initiation: quest giver: darth kryos: description:

Darth kryos: I see you have chosen the dark side of the force .

you: who are you?

Darth kryos: I am sith and your new master and you will do as I say and you will complete your trials to earn the title sith apprentice.

you: uh I am honored

Darth kryos: your first task is to survive the ancient temple of .... (whatever) and kill the dark guardian who is guarding a vault holding three types of armor. which ever armor you choose wither it be sith warrior armor, sith sorcer armor, or sith assain armor is your choice when you get there... return to me when you are finished

objectives: Kill the dark guardian to access the vault in the tomb

reward: choose one of the following

sith warrior armor: stats: (idk)

sith sorcer armor :stats: (idk)

sith assain armor:stats:(idk)


I really wonder why you are so set on all this force-related stuff...

Mikel has made the lightsaber crafting quests different depending on light/neutral/dark status, but something like what you described is not yet in the plans, as far as I know.


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Considering that the master you train under is a fellow player I don't see how getting assigned a quest by your master would even be possible.


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I made the lightsaber quests have different routes depending on whether you choose the dark or light side paths (or neutral) and I think Mikel mentioned he might add some NPC wildcards to allow differentiation based on the force meter. SO it is possible, it owuld just be up to the people writing the quests whether they include such options.


ok thank you im just very curious you know because sith are like the best other then mandolorian bounty hunters like bobba


and also if the quest system was in place you do not know if there's going to be a storyline where you have a sith/Jedi master or not. to whoever said" your master has to be a player" this is true but well ..... if quest a system was put into place there is a possibility you could have a npc master for rp .where your training is the quests given to you by the npc.(to all the admins) thank you for answering my questions :) .

Edit: although that would get boring after the first few quests still could happen sorry if the post seemed aggressive :P

Edit to the edit: although that could get boring sorry .......

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Unlikely that there would be any storyline or NPC force master through NPC quests.


It's not unlikely, it is decidedly not going to happen.

ok cool thanks man