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Year 14 Day 194 7:29
How do i delete my current character and start with a fresh new one?



Year 14 Day 194 7:33
Under Manage -> Character (in the right-hand menu), click Drop Character and confirm. Your character will be turned into a Lost Soul custom NPC and you will be able to create a new character after a three week waiting period.

Year 14 Day 194 8:50
3 weeks?
Why soo long?
cant i just use another email make a new account and register the other one as a multi ill never use again, isnt that faster!?


Year 14 Day 194 8:53
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
you'll get banned if you do that

Year 14 Day 194 8:54
Yes it is faster. It is also very good way to earn bann. There is some explanation in rules section, if you are willing to search. As for 3 weeks been long, it is as it is. And will not likely change for a long time.

Year 14 Day 194 8:57
Hmm could be, but i know some who did that and never got caught. But you guys are right. ill do it, thanks. :)


Year 14 Day 194 9:00
If you know someone who did it, then you should report it. After you said it, am sure that you will be contacted by someone from admin team anyway.

Year 14 Day 194 9:01
Haven't gotten caught yet maybe. The penalty sometimes manifests in asset loss and longer ban durations, so it can be even more harmful if multi-accounts are maintained over a longer period of time. :p If you do know of someone, you should report them before they make the situation worse for themselves, however.



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Year 14 Day 194 9:05
Its not that i care much about them, so yeah i suppose ill report them.


Year 14 Day 204 14:13
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Rho Karn
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Year 14 Day 204 16:31
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