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Archives » Received Message. Can't Read It.
Year 14 Day 239 12:50
Morkant Eiretir
Morkant Eiretir
Just what the title says. I'm a new player, trying to make a character. However my girlfriend and I wanted to share last names so we both submitted the same last name and it was rejected. I sent in a ticket to support and today I got a message in the client. However I am unable to read the message without a character. Any ideas?

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edited By: Morkant Eiretir on Year 14 Day 239 21:59
Year 14 Day 239 20:25
Sevk Ill`er
Sevk Ill`er
Normally support tickets are filed with an email address as well as the rest of your info. You should have an email if they responded to your ticket from Mantis.

I would also suggest (for much faster service) you simply log on IRC and talk to the person who declined your nick. Support tickets do not normally handle such things.

Lastly. Once you create, the very first thing you both should do is register as multis.

Year 14 Day 239 22:32
He came on IRC, issues resolved

Whichever join team member doesn't uncheck the Illegal Handle field when declining a name for multi account reasons, start doing it right.