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Year 7 Day 102 8:35
Tenchi Jade
Tenchi Jade
I need someones help. How do you make a banner? does the banner need to include motion? Please someone help me out because I would love to make a banner.

Year 7 Day 103 0:52
"How do you make a banner?"

With a half-decent graphics program (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc) and some creativity.

"does the banner need to include motion?"

Only if you want it to, and that requires a more advanced program, usually.

The big question is what you want to make a banner for. Suit what you're making to what you're using it for. If it's a signature image, something static and simple is probably best. If you're making it for your faction, then you might want to make it animated, and a bit flashier than a signature image.


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Year 7 Day 103 13:55
Tenchi Jade
Tenchi Jade
Thanks for the help.