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Year 6 Day 54 5:39
Jon Gardener
Jon Gardener
Hallo all together!

I have read a few of the questions other members have. In all answers is said that it is the best to join a faction to start this game in a god way.
But what can I do on the planet I startet, when I wan´t to play in the beginning on my own? I only have some credits and nothing else. Are there areas where I can find things to sell them later or how this game is working?
Thanks for your answers

Jon Gardener

Year 6 Day 54 6:42
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
Well, the problem is that the game doesn’t give you many options in the beginning except to join a faction.
You can try to trade things, you can find trades in this forum, in the classifieds or in the Galactic Market (www.swc-gm.com), but the amount of credits you have in the beginning is too small to do any decent trade.
You can also click in the CPs thing every day, in a couple of months you’ll have a ship of your own that you can trade of just keep.
But my advice is the same as to the others, spend some months in a faction, make some bucks and then start trading them.
How knows? You might even like the faction you’re in and stick around.

And you can’t find anything in the planets to trade yet.

Year 6 Day 54 11:38
Jon Gardener
Jon Gardener

Thanks a lot for the tip.


Jon Gardener