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Year 14 Day 291 9:20
Vulker Hodrix
Vulker Hodrix
I was looking at them, and wondering where did they first come up? And are there any still around?


Year 14 Day 291 10:29
My best guess would be they came from some old Red Scenario, though no clue. I know of at least two in the galaxy, there is probably more but one of those ships you'll be lucky just to pilot.


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Year 14 Day 291 15:44
Two of them were created as first place prizes for Redbat's community games; Zachai Dracolis and Asarya were the original owners of those.

I know there's at least a third, but not sure how that one came about, so probably some sort of underhanded activity no one wants to talk about. :p

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Year 14 Day 291 19:12
Rumors, many years ago, were that Jessy James was trying to get all of them, dunno if that was true

I seem to remember he having 1-2. Dracolis got one, and Asa had one.

An imperial got one from a redbat game or Redscen, and tried auctioning it the first week he had it, but I can't for the life of me remember his name/who bought it.


Year 14 Day 302 23:25
I indeed had one, and lost it loooooong time ago, like over 5 years ago did I lose ownership of it. I've written off ever getting it back. :P I don't even know who has it now.


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Year 14 Day 303 6:26
I don't believe that RS's ever played a role in CR-92s. If I remember correctly, they were introduced after Red Scenarios were already cancelled, and only as a prize for the community games.

Knowing Redbat though, he gave a few out just because he was like that.



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Year 14 Day 303 8:05
As far as I know there are four of them still around.



Year 14 Day 303 19:11
James Ices
James Ices
I think Alissma has one within their possession but I'm not 100% sure. Might explain where the fourth one is.


Year 14 Day 305 18:35
Well after Adam Diggins died in character, mine that was in his possession supposedly went into Terra Stryker Industries' possession but they swear they don't have it. I do know that it still exists, and it's docked on another ship, possibly a MTC, last I heard. Adam the player would probably know who has it, but since neither one of us can get it, I felt it pointless to ask him.

As far as functionality went, it had cloaking but not enough to hide from anything really big. Also it only had 4 rooms. It's more of a novelty ship then a really functional one.


I was born in character with a healthy dose of crazy.