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Year 7 Day 105 6:50
Isthe useof this software legal in the SWC Universe?

Is it worth it?

Is it easy to install, run and enjoy?

I would like to hear more about it,

Thank you.


Year 7 Day 105 13:20
Yes, it is legal to use it.
Can't say whether it is worth it since I don't use it.
For everything else you should ask its programmer.


Year 7 Day 105 20:47
Yes, it's easy to install and run, although I've heard a few complaints from users lately that it doesn't work for them anymore. You might want to chat with the creator about it before paying for it, to be sure.



Year 7 Day 107 1:04
I have it and i havn't had any troubles. Personally i relly on it because iremebering to do them every night was not the most reliable menthod. I like it, as for value, to each his own, i won it in a raffle but i might have gotten it anyway.


Year 7 Day 107 14:37
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Works well for me, I have had it since October and got a longprobe with it. The creator of the gadget updates it every so often and when there is need of support he supplies it. Just make sure your computer can use Yahoo Widget, its a free program. So yeah speak to him first, but it is worth it if you are forgettful on voting which I am



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