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Year 14 Day 312 23:59
What is the best tactic for hunting NPC bandit squds?


Odds are for people who want to minimize there own risk, SO NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!!!
Year 14 Day 313 0:05
Best for what?

To maximise your XP gains, engage them solo and bring loads of bacta refills.

To maximise loot chances, bring a full squad as high level as possible, equipped with the best weapons and armour to which you have access. Scan the NPC squad to determine their weapon ranges and stay out of range of the most damaging weapons if your NPCs' weaponry allows it.

You and your NPCs should all have high dexterity for hit rating. High dodge on NPCs is good to avoid damage (but doesn't matter on you as long as you have meds, since you can't die to NPCs anyway).



Year 14 Day 313 2:46
can you get ownership on the items they drop? (eg change npc owner)


Year 14 Day 313 2:56
Equip it to yourself and hit Claim under the Equipment menu.



Year 14 Day 313 16:07
I am looking to know how to get items. but when you say meds do you mean medics or bcata patches and tank?

And when you NPCs die do you always lose the stuff they are wearing, because think about it when some one dies in RL you can usually search there body and take the armor and weapon they were using.

and one more thing can NPCs heal them selves or the player and if they can how do I get them to do it?

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Odds are for people who want to minimize there own risk, SO NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS!!!
Year 14 Day 313 17:54
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
Meds is healing sticks, bacta refills and bacta patches.

Yes your NPCs lose everything they are carrying when they die.

NPCs need to be healed by the player with meds. NPCs do self heal every 24 hours if i remember right (But only a little).



Year 14 Day 313 18:24
Before you ask, the reason NPCs loose all their equipped items (not bandits) is to act as a credit sink. It is planned that way.


Year 14 Day 314 3:42
At 17:00 SWC time, all creatures, NPCs, and your character heal 10% of their health. For anything else you need any type of med (or Force healing, if relevant).