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Year 14 Day 318 8:30
So I put out a support ticket for this last month, and nothing has happened yet. I know you admins are busy, but I haven't even gotten contacted yet.

So I have a Custom NPC named Talia Drae. I have had her for a while. When I got her there was some bug going around with NPCs that would not let you see some of them, and I couldn't see Talia. After that bug got fixed I could see her, but her Galactic Position was always messed up. Her current position is,
"On:hot/breathable Tatooine (#632)
Sector: Allied Tion
System: Voss (352, 264)
System Position: (19, 1)"
((I spawned her on Tatooine))

So I was wondering if it would be possible if she could just be moved to my location. Would that fix the problem?

Year 14 Day 318 10:38
Still needs to be done via support ticket. As Sim News indicates, the delay is that the ASims have been absent for RL issues so support tickets in need of actual account or movement fixes are more or less on hold until Arete or Gav returns.



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