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Archives » Why does the NPC market list facilities as powered, and then send them to me unpowered?
^ I've bought several hotels that were listed on the NPC market with a nice green Yes for being powered, and they all got to me unpowered. I checked inbetween and if someone's sitting in a power generator having a laugh, they've invested a great deal of time in that.

If the CPM unassigns the power in the process of making the entity over, isn't having that Powered: infofield a bit pointless?


Note: The CPM is NOT the NPC market. HUGE difference (sorry for all the caps).

Now, since you bought the facilities from the NPC market, the person who owns the power generator might have just unpowered the facilities while they were listed there (or after you bought them).

While this kind of sucks for you, the NPC market has nothing to do with it.. It's not against the rules and you will have to take it up with the owner of the power generator.

Well, if the NPC market has nothing to do with it and it's a power generator's owner, then that's their call and that's fine. That'd be nothing new. It is just that the timing between being listed as powered, then made over and shown as no longer powered, was so tight (hours) that it seemed (and kind of still seems) unlikely to me that someone, without getting any events about the change of ownership, could hop from city to city to unpower facilities so quickly. If the owner(s) of the power generators wanted to buy those facilities themselves and not power them for someone else, the smarter thing would've been to depower all the facilities ahead of time, to discourage people from bidding against them. All other facilities on the same planet are still powered, though.

But maybe it's possible. Do city owners get notifications of sales and can power be managed remotely now? (That's the only thing I can think of that might explain the timing. Apart from coincidence...)

And the CPM mention was a force of habit typo. Sorry. I know the difference. It's just my fingers that don't. -.-

In the meanwhile I guess I'll just have to wait for portable power gens to be implemented.


Brand Malden
Brand Malden
Maybe they noticed the buildings on the market, realized that they were powering them and headed there once they had time. Possibly they even put a low bid on them, waited to see if they won and then powered them down when they didn't.