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Year 14 Day 343 13:14
Throughout my search of the Internet and its many flavorful Star Wars sites, not one has been shown to me that possesses any knowledge of a Defel language. If any of the Admins know of anything, I'd be grateful for the assistance.

In light of the lack of written word, my main question is if the Asims or anyone in the upper echelon would be against my attempting to write the language? Its hard to rp your character when you dont even know what they should say in their own tongue, and Im tired of it personally. I already have some basic words and phrases available for viewing if that's needed. I just wanted to see what the call would be for even attempting it.

Thanks Admins/Asims/Mods/anyothertitlesIforgot

Year 14 Day 343 13:34
You can RP how you wish, which includes creating any languages you wish. You could try tracking down some of the other Defel players, perhaps starting with the list on the rules page for Defel and work together with them on it. Many of the races have cultural communities built up around them for the RP, and while I don't know of one existing for Defel yet, you might be able to corral them for that purpose to develop more IC flavour for the race.



Year 14 Day 343 13:47
I had a feeling it may come down to that. Thanks for the quick response, too, Syn.



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