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Year 14 Day 347 16:39
I am curious if I have two ships squaded and I sell one, does the squad link break or does it stay it place.

I only ask because I know if you try to move a squaded ship you are not allowed to, unless you hop in to the ship that is the lead entity and remove the other ship from the squad.

Thanks in advance.

Year 14 Day 347 17:35
I believe the link remains - and has been the issue for numerous questions as to why they cannot move their ship they are assigned.


Year 14 Day 347 18:01
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
you can actually unsquad the ship that is squadded with out entering the lead ship. Just get into the squadded ship and try to sublight one square. It will tell you that the ship is in a squad and give you the option to leave the squad. And yes the ship stays squadded until it is removed from the squad, changing ownership does nothing to the squad itself.



Year 14 Day 347 18:03
Thanks Ellias and Xakic.

Thanks again

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