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Year 7 Day 108 20:16

I know your reasons for stopping signup from free websites, but there are other ways to do that. I know of some other Online Games that allow Free Web Addresses, such as Pardus or Nationstates. What they use is a tool that checks your IP when you login. If you login from multiple accounts from the same IP, the accounts will be warned, and if the Offender Continues, the Accounts involved get Banned. Why Can't you use this instead? Some people are willing to play, but don't have the time or money to go through the time and trouble of making or finding an Overpriced Website for E-Mail. I hope you consider this.

Year 7 Day 108 20:20
A lot of people got random IP so if they reconnect to Internet they recive other IP then they had before reconnect.


Governor Yoshi Hikaru
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Year 7 Day 108 21:26
i don't know anyone personally who doesn't get an ISP e-mail as part of their plan, those count as payed so use that. IP checks don't always work, i know when i had dial up mine was randomised and i was able to multi account to an insane degree on some of those games, of course i gave them all up when i got broadband.


Year 7 Day 109 2:24
Guest, your ISP provides 7 e-mail addresses under its high speed service, and either 1 or 7 for its dial-up, depending on which package you purchase. Therefore you should have no trouble registering.

Keep in mind that you do not need to continue using your ISP e-mail address. It is only needed for registration, after which you can log in and set a free e-mail.

Unfortunately, IP address alone is far from adequate in preventing illegal accounts - particularly considering major ISPs such as BTI, NTL, and AOL, which have a tendency to reuse IP addresses with great frequency, resulting in countless false multi alerts.

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Year 7 Day 109 7:02

Ok Then, I have A need for another thread.