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Archives » Holocron articles in present tense and with faction events
Last few days of following Holocron recent changes I noticed that Ku`Bakai Roche was doing lots of updates on the "situation" around sven and his scamming. Just to make it clear, this isn't some complaint against Ku'Bakai.

I am just wondering, is the way he written it correct and does it have place on Holocron? It is first time that I can remember someone extensively wrote about scamming.

With Sven article (http://holocron.swcombine.com/wiki/Sven_Wan) some of it is written in present tense and most it was is taken straight from a forum that is not entirely IC.

In IGBC (http://holocron.swcombine.com/wiki/InterGalactic_Banking_Clan) article where is just excessive amount of faction events.

And Minerva's article (http://holocron.swcombine.com/wiki/Minerva_Umgee) has an interface screenshot posted by Syn and its update is based on forum post. Actually now that I am looking at it, all of that page is just from forum posts that doesn't look particularly IC.

If this style is acceptable then all good. Might be just me who thought taking non-IC/RP forum posts and putting them into holocron doesn't really work.

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Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson
For the events, they should most likely be rewritten into a more ic format since our events really aren't meant to be entirely ic. As for the past tense, I'd say it should be more of a past tense since the Holocron is meant to be more of a encylopedia which are generally written in a past tense.


The Holocron's guide has a bit of information on how the articles should be written, which includes all pages should be written from an ic perspective but it doesn't really give any information on tense.


That's got to smarts.
It's all user added content. If you don't like something, change it.

Also: lol @ my ooc forum avatar on holocron, good work team

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