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Year 15 Day 3 21:07
Keyra Alcon
Keyra Alcon
I'm trying to restart construction on a couple buildings where the builders were arrested. I'm at the location and own the paused facility and the city and the builders in my party, but the option isn't in the actions menu like the rules say. Am I missing a step, or are the rules different than stated?

Year 15 Day 3 21:11
Are you in the top right corner, as if you were starting construction in the first place?


Year 15 Day 3 22:53
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
You can add builders to any side of a building as long as there is any ground to stand on.
Leave your ship with your party, switch to the party-screen, toggle to action to "join construction", choose the builders, accept, choose the building, accept ... Violá

Year 15 Day 4 6:01
Keyra Alcon
Keyra Alcon
That's what I was trying (on all sides of the building to be safe) and it doesn't give me the option to "join construction". The only option I have at any time is "craft item".

Thanks for letting me know I wasn't following the wrong rules page :)

Year 15 Day 4 7:18
Hmm, actually thinking about it (well first I meant top left) I'm not sure the NPCs should be in your party. I know they are needed to be at teh start, but I think it doesn't allow it for restarting.


Year 15 Day 4 8:50
Actually, Blot meant to toggle the action on the NPC screen, not switch to the Actions page.

Year 15 Day 4 20:00
Keyra Alcon
Keyra Alcon
Thanks for the help, that got them added!

Though it still says it's paused. Is there another place I need to restart it, or will it go on its own?

Year 15 Day 4 22:43
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Inventory, filter for building "under construction".
there you can "resume" (right siden next to the button "stats") these buildings.

Year 15 Day 6 19:40
Keyra Alcon
Keyra Alcon
I don't get that option? It has "show stats" but that's all?

Sorry for all the hassle.

Year 15 Day 6 23:03
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
I just checked a building under construction, but paused due to 0 builder.
It shows me the options:
- Show Stats
- Facility Income (only for FI-facilities)
- Abort
- Resume

If there only is "Show Stats" i guess the construction of the building is finished.

Year 15 Day 7 0:26
Keyra. Do you have privs to construct?

Year 15 Day 7 0:36
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Her first post: she owns the building ...

Year 15 Day 73 22:53
She owns the building, but looks like she was not the one who started construction of it. That is why she has no option to resume it.


Year 15 Day 74 22:27
Who started construction has no bearing on who can restart it.

Year 15 Day 75 13:33
If construction was started by someone for himself not for a faction, only this person can restart it, even if facility was made over to someone else after that. This is current situation.


Year 15 Day 75 14:45
By current you mean 2 months old?


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Year 15 Day 76 19:43
I mean the present moment. I own some buildings, started a few days ago by another person. And now I can't pause or resume construction, whereas another person still can do it (assigned as operator).