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Year 15 Day 17 6:12
I've clicked and voted for all the banner sites for a couple days in a row now, but my CPs remain green. Was some other requirement added or is this an error?

Year 15 Day 17 6:59
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
You mean the amount of CPs under your avatar are green? Mine are green all the time.


Year 15 Day 17 7:14
Yes, those. I remember they used to only be green when the banners were available for clicking.

Year 15 Day 17 8:47
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
This has been broken/altered for quite some time, can't remember for sure, whether there were any previous threads mentioning it. I used to click more when it changed colour, it worked like a reminder.


Year 15 Day 17 16:57
Indeed it has been broken for years. It should go white again after you vote but there are 2-3 links that don't seem to register that its been clicked. Devs don't seem to want to fix it when it was brought up before, so you just have ot live with it.


Year 15 Day 17 23:22
Yea, it's kind of a pain. M+Since you can't tell when they are clickable it costs time every day. That time adds up and leads to missing out a day of cp voting. I still don't understand why swc is different on the same voting sites as other games such as Prison Struggle. There you can vote for these sites daily, not every 24 hours. So you never lose a day in that game as we do here.

Year 15 Day 18 0:23
Supposedly some of the topsites we were using only accepted votes once every 24 hours and didn't reset at midnight. If that is still the case, it makes sense that CPs could only be received once every 24 hours rather than resetting at midnight or something. We do have a different set of topsites now, for the most part, than when this was first implemented, with many being added and removed over time, so the situation may or may not have changed.