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Year 7 Day 110 23:15
Juhani Barrek
Juhani Barrek
Hi, I'm on a multi-account. My brother has the character "Ratts Covell" - but he hasnt been able to log in. We've tried the things listed in the "Problem: I can't log into SWC!" thread, but to no avail. So uhm, help?

Year 7 Day 111 3:19
A little more information would be helpful. What is it doing when he tries to log in - just refreshing the page? Is he able to log in from another computer? You can confirm that he has attempted to log in using Firefox? (I hate to ask that one, but very often players claim they've tried everything, but intentionally avoid that solution due to the hassle of an additional download. ^_^)

If nothing will work at all, in the past Khan has been able to manually reset passwords somehow - I'm not sure he's fully back yet, since he was having problems with a virus for some time, but perhaps another ASim or admin can help out with that.



Year 7 Day 111 16:49
Juhani Barrek
Juhani Barrek
When he's logging in he's trying to uh, log in. Sorry, that questions kinda vague.
He doesn't have anything else running or open that should interfere with it, if thats what you mean. When he attempts to log in, it says his password is invalid - but we've always used firefox by default - and the passwords saved, so all that needed to be done before was to enter his user name, tab and viola, theres the password.
He does that now, but apparently the password is incorrect or invalid or whatever it says - but we haven't changed it or anything.

Thanks for responding.

Year 7 Day 111 17:17
Does it allow him to log in if he uses the new password sent after using the Lost Password feature?



Year 7 Day 111 17:40
Ratts Covell
Ratts Covell
Yes, it does! Lord I don't know why I didn't try that earlier.
I'm so braindead. Much thanks! :)

Year 7 Day 111 19:47
We've tried the things listed in the "Problem: I can't log into SWC!" thread, but to no avail.  


No problem.