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Archives » Got in with restriced name needs changed
cody unknown2
cody unknown2
please change it to Cody Unknown because i died and i made this name and i want my old cody unknown name

Naresh Vaghela
Naresh Vaghela
I am sure you can not use the name of a dead player

Edit found Info
"After death you must wait 3 weeks before being able to rejoin as a playing character. During the "death wait", the only darkness ability available will be to view CPs. After three weeks when you login to darkness or the member's page a 'change name' box will prompt to select a new name. The name of a dead character will not be able to be used again; thus a new character name will have to be used."

Edited By: Naresh Vaghela on Year 7 Day 111 15:32

\"It\'s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.\"
cody unknown2
cody unknown2
then change it to Cody Unkwalker

Year 7 Day 112 17:46
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Lexxa Sunnar
Deleted by Syn. Reason: Not helpful.
If no one replies here, you should e-mail assistants@swcombine.com directly so an ASim can look into it.



Alright bud, you need this changed... You can not pick the name you had previous, I'm giving you 48 hours, read your Darkness Messages for details.

Edited By: Joe Monso on Year 7 Day 114 7:43