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Archives » Force Sensitive NPC ramblings
Year 15 Day 59 14:31
I just met a force sensitive NPC on a quest world who said that if you are force sensitive but not revealed, that you may notice you are slightly better at certain things than others..

Is this true and if so, what skills would this be applicable to?

Year 15 Day 59 15:32
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
That's just rp I think

Year 15 Day 59 17:58
It used to be so that certain skills were boosted. After the Force was changed slightly I was told that these bonuses would be smaller and hidden. However I am unsure if they are actually implemented or not.


Year 15 Day 59 22:18
Cyrus Vel
Cyrus Vel
Bonuses were removed completely.

Year 15 Day 63 21:45
Is being tested still operational?


CEO Black Nebula Engineering
CEO and founder of Sarif Industries
Year 15 Day 63 22:12
You still need to be tested by an existing force user or by a force detector if you can buy/loot one, yes. NPCs cannot do that. Until you are tested you won't know if you are force sensitive.