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Hayley SwiftFighter
Hayley SwiftFighter
Not sure if this has been asked before or not but I thought I should ask it

I was wondering if it is possible to start production in a factory get it tooled an all and jump to another faction. once in that faction the production ends and you get the said thing you made. I am wondering if the factory is tooled and manager set do you need to jump back to that faction to start more of the said thing in production or can I start more from the faction I am in.


You cannot start production or Add things to the queue unless you are in the right faction, among the other requirements, so you can't start one thing, and then leave the faction and expect to start it again from where you are.

You can, however, start up a Queue of the same itemtype (e.g. Quantity 48 A295s , + Quantity 48 A295s, + Quantity 48 A295s ...) up to 20, and then leave the production faction IF:
- the Operator is set to an active member of that faction who has the privileges to produce, after you start up production (usually Leader or 2IC is my choice, but ask their permission)
- all the RM/NPC/Datacard assigns requirements are met at the time of each queueitem finishing production.

All items produced are automatically owned by the production faction, not the owner of the factory, and not the operator or the person who started production. You can still go pick up and move crates once they're produced, but the Production faction will have to make ownership over to you.

You can also queue multiple jobs of different items. As long as they are in the same faction type tree. Example being with A-295's you could also go to Dl44 and then large backpacks after that as they are all from an item faction. Queue them all while in an item faction, leave the faction and assign as Op a member of said faction, usually the leader for better odds of them being active, then you can leave the faction and let the whole queue run.

I'm the operator of factories producing vehicles but I'm in a mining faction.

I joined a vehicle faction to start production. Then I joined a mining faction and my vehicle production continued, even though I'm still the factory operator.

The vehicles were completed and production of the next queue of vehicles began, with me still as operator and in a mining faction.

Contrary to what Kay and Jay are saying, production continues without the need for a member of the producing faction to be the operator.

You can see the first 2 factories producing EVS vehicles in my inventory, and Sunburst is a mining faction:


That sounds like a bug as unless the devs changed it without letting everyone know, it should check the operator upon completion.


Okay nevermind all of that. Just tested on Dev and it does not re-check production requirements when moving onto the next queueitem.

Yep, I think that's a bug. I'll report and see if it's intended, then. Maybe Zhao actually wanted people to hop, set a giant queue and bugger off, still getting XP and still getting the entities being produced.

EDIT: Should work this way, AFAIK

1 QueueItem -> Production starts Once, so it checks production requirements Once, then doesn't care what you do (hop, drop, unassign, re-assign, etc.). CAVEAT: ReTooling is not "producing" because it doesn't check production requirements prior to beginning the retool process (except implicitly for at least one datacard of the proper type being assigned).
- You need to have production requirements met when retooling completes (whether that means You stay in the production faction, or you assign operator to some active in the production faction); OR
- if retooling is unnecessary, production requirements need to be met immediately upon pushing the Start button

Multiple QueueItems -> Production starts Multiple times, and therefore multiple "AreProductionRequirementsMet" checks happen, when each Queued Production Item (aka QueueItem) begins production.

- Eg A: Factory is untooled, has DCs for 48 batches of A295s and 48 batches of Thermal Detonators assigned, all RMs are avail, all NPCs are assigned.
I queue up 48 batches of A295s, followed by 48 Batches of Thermal Detonators.
- I push Start. Retooling begins.
6 hours later the server checks that all productionrequirements are met, and if so, begins production. You are free to hop out, do your thing at this point.
- Some time later (around 15 days IIRC) Production completes on the 48 Batches of A295s and retooling begins for the Thermal Detonators. You have 6 hours to ensure production requirements are met (including the Op being an active member of the right production faction). So you either have to hop back in, or you have to get the Operator assigned to someone active in the production faction.


What I don't know is if this:
NOTE: If the Manager changes while production is ongoing in such a way that breaks the above conditions production will halt at 100% until the problem is fixed and production is resumed and finished.

In the case of the operator changing in such a way as to no longer meet the requirements they will be replaced with the leader of the managing faction.

- Beginning Production Note
happens for Item production. Sure can't happen for vehicle or ship production as the entities already exist. - EDIT: Nope, doesn't happen.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 15 Day 63 18:09
Yes indeed, it is currently bugged, and already reported.