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Year 15 Day 69 12:25
DISCLAIMER: I am sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but I could not find it.

Looking through the rules pages I have found the requirements to farm Alazhi ( However, when the rules on this page talk about refining the Alazhi they become more vague on the requirements. Can anyone give me more specific requirements for the actual refinement requirements? Thank you.

Year 15 Day 69 14:36
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
you have to have a powered Bacta Refinery building managed by a med faction. Then place you Alazhi inside and refine... the operator has to be in a med faction as well. It takes about 5 days to a week. (if i remember right) and will cost around 5mill



Year 15 Day 69 21:21
The alazhi can be pulled from a storage facility in the city, such as a starport, so you can only process as much alazhi as can fit in the refining facility as finished Bacta. In my experience it takes about 11 alazhi to make 1 unit of bacta, and costs about 22,000 credits per unit of bacta you refine and the process usually takes about 36 hours. So it could cost from anywhere from like 22,000 credits for 1 unit, to 650 to 700 mil to do the max a refinement facility will fit.

These figures are based off my experience with a Management skill of 4.