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Year 15 Day 96 14:32
I have the workers, I own the factory, I have the data card uses, the sufficient resources, and my faction is the commander of my factory. You would think this would be enough for ship production but for some reason my ships still won't produce. I'm getting a error message that reads "The manager can not produce this type of entity". I'm assuming my faction, Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation, doesn't own the data card for Y-ties and thus cannot manage the production but I'm not entirely sure. So I guess my question is, what more do I need to do to start production?

Year 15 Day 96 14:39
YTies are built by recycling factions, not ship production factions.

EDIT: Rules pages


1.2.2/ Production Faction Types
The manager of the facility/station must be set to a production faction of the right type. For most cases this is simply the faction type that matches the type of entity to be produced (ie: Weapon producers produce weapons). There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule.
Recycling factions produce the three types of Uglies (X-Ceptor, Y-TIE and TIE-Wing).
Medical factions produce the medical items.
Trading factions produce counterfeit medical items & drugs.

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Year 15 Day 96 17:19
Interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing that out.