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Year 15 Day 123 2:02
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn

hi yall, i dont wanna bother much, but i was wondering some thing out; a good way to know more together about the rules.

i am in a yt-1300 . the sensor is.. quite low ( 1 ).

i am located above a city right now .

it says on the sharing sensors rules ( http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Vision ),
that friendly entities shares sensors between each other.

i dont understand because im sharing sensors with neutral ...

and also, i can see any items which are really far away from ship, no matter if they are in my vision range or not... strange.

Year 15 Day 123 3:46
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan
You can see items far away because facilities could have their own sensors and cover places near them.

As for neutrals, you see them as neutrals but if they have added you as friend, then you can share the sensor with them. ;-)


Ruben Wan

Year 15 Day 123 4:58
Think that those are not answers for his question. If you are above city, in atmosfer level, than you go for travel-descend, you can see buildings in that city. That is not sensor sharing, cause you will not see anything else that might be in that city. As for items you see that are out of your vision/sensor range, do not know why is it so, some gamplay reason probably. Anyway, yes, items that are on the ground you will always see, regardless of your vision range.

Year 15 Day 123 5:10
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
cool, thanks both.

yeah the item question might be gameplay thing for better reliability, but sometimes you shares sensors with some , sometimes not.

anyways, cool ty !