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Archives » question about cities and planets
Cypher Diaz
Cypher Diaz
just browsing a bunch of cities, and the ER appears to be planet-wide.

probably a stupid question; but i've always been under the impression, or understanding that cities were insular, and had their own ER rates, not a planetary wide one.

so... if its planet-wide, am i right in assumeing i can build (for example) a city full of factorys or job buildings, then another city full of flats and both cities will function normally?

yes/no answer i suppose, just picking my brain... i've never seen people build like that before :P

The ER is planetwide yes, but the max number of buildings allowed before they become less effective thing (can't remember the acronym) is per city, so a city of just offices or something would be effective for generating jobs, but not income.

Cypher Diaz
Cypher Diaz
the sustainable business rule? yah, wasn't worried about that because i'm talking about factories that aren't FIM ;P

if you didn't exceed SB would FIM buldings still be hurt from lack of local populace, or so long as employed and there isnt 500 of the same building will they still make money?

Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers
ER is planet wide

And yes you culd build a city full of jobs and then a city full of flats. SBR works off of civ level and stuff to figure out how many of each type you can have per planet.

If there is no populace facilities will lose money. Unless you meant there's a good ER but all flats are in one city and all jobs in another. In that case as long as you don't exceed SBR then yes they will make good money. Just imagine everyone takes their speeder for an hour to get to work :)