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Archives » Boarding ship you are docked in
Year 15 Day 132 3:17
I can't find the old thread, but basically it was said that if people are on a Ship A, which is docked in Ship B, they can board Ship B regardless of access or not.

But, it doesn't seem to work. We tested it with faction ships and it doesn't let the person board. He doesn't own either ship, both owned by faction that he is not part of (testing it with different NATs).

So was it changed? Or do you need to own Ship A? Or something else?


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 15 Day 132 4:48
It used to be that way and there were no mentions in any recent Sim News about it changing. However I had someone in my ship that was docked inside another of my ships tell me he couldn't leave the first until I added him to the crewlist.

I'd say that for the moment you need crewlist access to enter anything regardless of docked status and see if any ASims/coders can tell if/when this was changed.


Year 15 Day 132 6:33
I remember inquiring about this same issue not too long ago when attempting to rescue someone.

If a character is inside a ship which is inside a container (ship, station..), then the character may move out of his ship and will arrive on the container, WITHOUT being on the crewlist.
Example from the movies: Luke and Han boarding the DS from the Falcon (ANH)

- Rules

I was informed that it had been changed without announcement and without a rule update. Yay for transparency.


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Year 15 Day 132 9:25
As far as I knew, it should be possible. I was stuck some time ago and got out and hailed the person (dating the incident, I know) who was unintentionally holding me. Having read Cuinn's post I'll ask some people myself. If it was changed, it should be changed in the rules and put in a sync report.


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Year 15 Day 132 16:14
Thanks Erek, please do let us know for sure.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
I have given my life to my people, my soul to Jou, and my heart to my family.

Year 15 Day 133 2:10
Ben Camden
Ben Camden
Does it possibly have to do with the change of the buttons?

We used to have a board button, that let you board things you were on the crewlist for, and an exit button that simply made you exit the entity you were in.

Now we have a combined button. Maybe is just uses the board code, and the exit code is not used?


Senior Governor Ben Camden
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Year 15 Day 133 7:35
Ben, the two buttons did exactly the same thing. They were both there to avoid some small confusion if people thought they were exiting vs boarding a ship etc. The devs might also have had an idea to differentiate them initially that they then decided against.