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Year 15 Day 149 15:33
So, I've been around quite some time now, and I know there use to be a bug about this, but when you add someone to the crewlist of an entity with a docking bay, is it any ship they're flying that can dock there, or ships owned by that person piloted by anyone or both ?

Year 15 Day 149 15:38
It shouldn't matter what they're flying so long as it fits inside the entity with the docking bay. They just need to be on the crewlist, have the entity assigned to them, or the "Open to All" access toggled on.


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Year 15 Day 149 16:38
The check is on the character doing the docking action (i.e. the present pilot) and not on the owner, commander, etc. of the entity doing the docking.

If you are flying a ship that can fit inside what you want to dock it inside, and you personally are on the crewlist of that entity, you may dock.

Year 15 Day 153 19:44
Xanxus Drol
Xanxus Drol
Think of it like your access codes to dock to the ship are connected to you as a person