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Year 15 Day 154 19:24
Hey Admin,

Last night, I set up a prospecting action. Got to the square, hit prospect - 8hr countdown began. Went to bed, woke up this morning jumped on SWC on my phone and it says its finsiehd nothing found gave me some xp.

5 mins later, I get out of bed and go to my laptop to get moving to the next square to prospect.

Strangely, I go to ship controls and it says I still have 7hrs and 59 minutes. I thought okay, ill refresh just cause my laptop has been on all night. Refreshed, and same thing.. still says 7hrs 50minutes..

Went to my general events.. the event was gone with the no deposits found and the xp from finishing the prospect..

So, now Ive gone to work and did a few things, jumped on swc in the office and it says still 6hrs left to go..

What the hell happened? Any ideas?

Year 15 Day 154 19:27
Actually, I just checked.. in my events it says Day 153 at 13:00 finsihed prospecting location 5,2.. no deposits..

So it did log that. But I just checked again in my vehicle controls.. im still at location 5,2 but the countdown has began again..?!

Did I maybe just hit prospect again accidentally on the same location? Or is something else going on?

Year 15 Day 154 21:58
If you are the owner of the propecting equipment, you can check when the payment was sent to planet for the fee.

If it shows as the same time from the first event then the counter may be broken. (( not sure the timers do mess up from time to time..))

I think it maybe just be a misclick restarting it, they do happen from time to time too.

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Year 15 Day 155 3:51
Could it be that when you refresh the page it refreshes the prospect action, setting you up again.


Year 15 Day 155 14:30
While we're on the subject...

When prospecting a 'square' , are you prospecting the entire slab or each coordinate within a slab?

Year 15 Day 155 19:48
You are prospecting the entire slab.


Year 15 Day 161 3:06
Hey Everyone, thanks for the responses..

I am prospecting the full 'cross terrain' slab..

I think it was the reclick issue from above.

This can be closed now Admins! :)

Year 15 Day 162 10:05
I know from using my smartphone that after a certain period of time, when I reopen my Internet, it automatically refreshes the last page I had visited.


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