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Year 15 Day 161 14:39
Divarin Arhain
Divarin Arhain

it seems that my years of inactivity have bitten me in the rump.

I set a ship down on a underdeveloped planet some 5/6 years ago. I recently came back to the game and have discovered that planet is now heavily developed and covered bay a planetary shield.

i have contacted the faction in control of the planet, but i have not received a reply yet, nor do i have a clue if they will reply. I was wondering if the admins could help? maybe moving the ship just above the shields, so i can put it in my squadron and go my marry way.

Please help if you can.

Year 15 Day 161 15:48
You can ascend through shields.


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Year 15 Day 161 16:04
Caeda Rastyk
Caeda Rastyk
It sounds to me like you're asking for admins to teleport an unmanned ship through shields, which isn't done as it's an ic problem with many ic solutions.

Year 15 Day 161 17:27
Caeda is correct - you will have to contact the shield gens owners and negotiate passage through the shields. The admins only teleport things due to bugs and similar conditions.


Year 15 Day 161 18:33
Divarin Arhain
Divarin Arhain
i figured as much, was just making sure. I like to explore all the options that are open to me, seeing what i can or cannot do.

Year 15 Day 162 10:08
So, are you not able to pilot the ship you are currently aboard?


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