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Archives » Where do datacards come from and is there R&D
Yesta Cal Rohr
Yesta Cal Rohr
Hi all,

A wide eyed shiny newb with a questioning mind. Datacards are at the heart of production. Where do new items to be produced come from.. i.e A new ship. Is it solely from CP exchange and is CP exchange the sole source of datacards.

Is the R&D aspect of the game (e.g. R&D electronics) still on the 'to be applied' list or is it actually happening.

These are probably already answered elsewhere maybe a redirect. I was more than likely looking in the wrong place

Thank you in advance



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- new items are being produced in factories. Datacards need to be assigned to a factory first. See actual production rules. Or here: http://guide.swcombine.com/wiki/Production

- R&D is being worked on by Game Administration. Don't expect the actual release within the next time.

(And CPs are just there to purchase several kinds of entities from the server. This is no part of production.)


Datacards are owned by factions. Individuals cannot own or obtain datacards except to rent one and have it assigned to a personal factory. New factions only receive the default datacards for their faction and will also have to rent uses. R&D is the eventual solution to the lack of datacards, but its a distant project.

CPs have no bearing on datacards, they allow individuals to spawn ships in a limited-edition fashion.


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Yesta Cal Rohr
Yesta Cal Rohr
VIP and Jevon,

TY for your responses.

Is this plan valid.
Identify a niche product/products..
Create the appropriate manufacturing faction ie ship/vehicle/droid/item
Send in query / application to SWC for SWC approval of product/ item / stats
Once product / item is granted approval and is deemed appropriate for SWC culture then submit appropriate 3D model of item along with relevant and required imagery / graphics / description.
After this process is completed the datacard for the unique item is created and the faction will have a monopoly for this product.

It is also true to say that there is no benefit in the game to assigning precious skill points to the PC's R&D skills

Thank you

Unfortunately not :-(

Existing Datacards have been created by game Administration.
And, as far as small hints about R&D have been released in the past, it is about a tech-tree. We players can then just unhide the entities on that tech-tree for ourselves. Exact rules about how that will be going on is still under development. (There were rumors about the option to gain "Research-Points" which then can be pooled together with other players.)

If you want to start an entity-producing faction right now, you have to get usage of current datacards by current datacards-owners. (New producing faction will just get very generic datacards from the start for items which are rather not worth producing.)

In other words: we are all curious about how R&D will work.

Suggesting new entities is w big no-no and will get you shot down pretty quickly. It has also been said that ships will be the first R&D tree available.