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Archives » A few questions about NPCs
Year 7 Day 118 19:43
Andros Kel
Andros Kel
sorry for the long list of questions...

The rules define custom NPCs as those "whose scripts, images etc can be defined by their owner". I assume 'scripts' refers to conversation and not scripted actions?

Can a NPC manage a facility, scan for minerals, extract raw materials etc? Can they perform tasks when a PC is not present? Or are they limited to infantry and the stock types (brawler, healer, rental, pickpocket, shuttle, conversation and tutorial)? What constitutes a 'builder' NPC?

Do NPCs gain XP at the same rate as the PC?

A NPC automatically follows his "master" - so up to 120 NPCs will always be in the same terrain square/room as the master as long as they remain assigned? Will entering a ship with only space for 2 unassign the other 118 NPCs or will the group be unable to enter?

If a leadership lvl 5 PC can control 119 military NPC's, but For the time being a party may not exceed 12 entities at the same location... how exactly does this work?

...all with the same type of weapons - does the PC have to equip each NPC, or do they mimic the leader's weapons & equipment?

If you want a Squad Leader to command X NPCs you must assign X+1 Ships/Vehicles. - this is confusing. In other words, if I'm leading a group of 6 fighters I must assign 5 plus the one I'm piloting? If not, what does this mean?

All NPCs must be the same type as the player. Are there plans to be able to mix and match infantry and vehicles/ships? For example, with Leadership 3, piloting a ship while also leading 19 infantry on board, and 2 ground vehicles?

Thanks in advance... any help is much appreciated.


Year 7 Day 118 22:03
NPCs cannot manage anything, but certain types can be assigned to work in certain facilities. Assigning dirt hauler NPCs to a mine, for example, will allow mining to restart itself each time a cycle continues, and assigning more builders to construct a building speeds up construction.

NPCs do not level or gain XP.

Only 12 NPCs can currently be partied with a person, and they continue following the leader. If a ship/facility has a smaller capacity, only as many as can enter the facility will do so, and the rest will remain in the other room/outside/wherever the leader came from. I believe it is random which NPCs follow, in that instance.

NPCs can't be equipped with items or weapons yet.

NPCing ships does not require physical NPCs at all; up to 11 fighters of the same type can be NPCd to the one being piloted by the leader. Any other cases (military squad leaders and the like) are not yet implemented.

Your last question is not yet relevant either, so I can only answer for the situations which are currently implemented. A rules team member might be able to comment on future plans (if any visit here regularly), but otherwise you may just need to wait until it has been programmed.



Year 7 Day 118 22:31
Andros Kel
Andros Kel
Thanks Syn, that clears a few things up.

Just one more... you mention 'certain types'... "assigning dirt haulers to a mine, for example" - are there specific types of NPCs for different jobs or would this be considered a 'custom', or 'conversation' NPC?


Year 7 Day 119 2:18
There are indeed specific types of NPCs for specific tasks, such as dirt haulers, builders, and so on. They are considered Conversation NPCs, and if you go to Purchase NPCs in your NPC inventory, then select Conversation NPCs, it will display the full list and descriptions at the bottom of the page.



Year 7 Day 119 6:06
Andros Kel
Andros Kel
Excellent, thanks again.