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Archives » Switching to New Race Allowed for How Long?
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Lucmark Warren
Lucmark Warren
Outch, so i assume the 30day thing is outdated? Man... I wanted to swap to that race, but when i noticed that there was a new race, the time already was over, unlucky me. :/

Maha Michi
Maha Michi
Rules Update Thread post by Belloq Tull

Sims, it's not just me that "missed" the GNS: Elias, Jesfa and Kay all had the same impression, that the time limit to change appeared to be 30 days.

I can guess that if those three well-read and well-connected people thought the time limit was 30 days, then a large proportion of the galaxy had the same impression.

- Belloq Tull

Rules Update forum didn't feel like the place for talking about not reading or forgetting a SIM news post, so replying in this thread.

Belloq, it's a SIM news not a GNS post. Everyone has equal access to the SIM news and can read it. Some people may have forgot - it was a post from approx. 1 year 2 months ago. Either way, that doesn't change that it was announced publicly for everyone to read or ignore.

Wouldn't assume a large portion of the galaxy had that impression. A handful of people don't constitute a majority of the player base. I've thought it was 14 days since Zhao posted the SIMnews.


Well, I certainly missed that GNS. Maybe because it was posted right before Veynom announced that Disney was buying Lucasarts but not shutting down SWC.

I'm guessing that was the bigger point of discussion -- maybe the only point of discussion -- for the next week.

Sim news, not GNS. They are different. One is for game development (sim news) and the other is for In Character news posts and leadership change spam. :p

I wasn't active in the Combine at the time, but even I saw the Sim News mentioning the rules change. Just be glad they weren't announcing the release of space combat and you didn't see it, Belloq. :P

Year 15 Day 188 19:53
The question was answered, and the resulting conversation is merely tangential at best.

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