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Year 15 Day 209 19:04
According to the rules it should be possible to extract raw materials if you set a mining faction as the manager of the mine and a member of that faction as the operator.

However, after doing the above and setting everything up, including the workers and droids, and select "Start Mining" I receive an error. It says, "An error occurred: You must be set as operator when not owned by Mining faction." As the rules state otherwise would this be considered a bug? The mine is powered, I am the owner, the manager is a mining faction and the operator is a member of that faction. So it should be possible to start the extraction. Or is there something simple I am overlooking?

Year 15 Day 209 19:24
The error message seems to imply that you should be the operator; however I have never started a mine :)

Year 15 Day 209 20:06
If the mine is owned by you them the person starting the mine need to be in a mining faction and sad faction be manager of the mine. - Only a member of mining faction can start the mine.

If the mine is owned by a mining faction and have sad faction as manager it can have anyone as operator that will start the mine. - Anyone can start a mine.


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Year 15 Day 209 20:18
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Gwen. Hop into the Mining faction and put yourself as the operator. Then you won't get the error and can start the mine. You need to be in the mining faction to start it, you can be out of the mining faction for the mine to keep running on repeat.


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Year 15 Day 209 20:22
I was about to ask about that Simkin. Thank you all for the answers and clearing it all up. I assumed that anyone could start the mine if the requirements were met, not just the operator.