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Year 15 Day 215 17:31
Can someone point me in the direction of a "GOOD" NPC scripter? I need a pilot NPC that can give me various info like where I am headed and ETA etc.


Year 15 Day 215 17:34
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix



Year 15 Day 218 17:06
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan
Scripts can be written only for custom-type NPCs.
The SWC coders have written the scripts for the other types of NPCs, and they are unchangeable.

If you want, you can spawn a custom NPC then assign it to me as manager to have the script written. But it is easy enough to do it yourself.


Ruben Wan

Year 15 Day 227 18:45
I did not want to make a new thread about this, because I have a similar question pertaining to NPC Scripts;

Ren Kabal and I are writing up a campaign and wanted to know what I could do for my NPC, because he is going to be a main part of the story line - because we have to try and kill him.

This is going to be in the distant future, since Sodo and Ren are still developing and no where near to being a Bounty Hunter.

I want the NPC to be fully functional, a very strong script, maybe the players (Ren and I) or an outside player can control the NPC so he has a mind of his own? Is that possible or legal in SWC? I would hate to have a Linear Scenario where the outcomes are guided. I want it to be as suspenseful as possible.

Any help would be appreciated!


Year 15 Day 228 2:28
You can branch and have different topics show up for different players/conditions as much as you like. I'm not sure if there is a character limit but best to save it before in something like Word.