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Year 15 Day 220 10:18
I just joined Star Wars Combine yesterday. I was looking to get back into role playing, something to do on the weekends when I am working, because it's very slow. However, I am stuck in hyperspace right now en route to a star system and it's going to take a few days until I arrive.

In the mean time, what can I do to keep myself entertained and play some Star Wars?


Year 15 Day 220 11:22
Cruise the forums. Check out the White Scenario tab or RPg centre if you like to role play. Join IRC and meet some people. Have you joined a faction? Most have training programs for newbies to learn the ropes during that initial hyper trip. I would recommend researching faction pages; message some of the recruitment liaisons; ask questions about the factions. What side of the Civil War are they on, or are they neutral? Ask about pay scale. Ask about employment opportunities. Ask yourself "What do I want to do with my new life?"

General options for most faction jobs:

Constructing facilities
Hauling materials for construction jobs
Manufacturing ships/vehicles/weapons/items
Hauling materials for manufacturing jobs
Prospecting undeveloped slabs for material deposits
Searching for undiscovered systems
Military work such as patrolling controlled systems or planets

This is a slow game. It takes days/weeks/months to get a lot of things accomplished. I don't say this to scare you aware; just letting you know it requires patience.

Good luck!

Year 15 Day 220 13:09
You can earn extra experience during hyper trips by installing doors in the ship or crafting keycards (that would unlock such doors with the correct password). Door installation requires a toolkit while keycard crafting requires a crafting kit; a good crafting/slicing skill assists with both of these tasks.

In regards to keeping your attention busy, you can look through these forums and participate if you want:

Meeting Hall: "Come inside and RP your SWC character in the SWC galaxy"

In Character History: "Get together and parade your character's epic life to others."

White Scenarios (more serious and regulated Forum RP, but probably slower overall.)

And of course, there is always role play on IRC as well - one of the big public channels is #swc-ic


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Year 15 Day 220 15:44
All of the above or enjoy your life until you arrive.


Year 15 Day 222 10:02
Thanks everyone. I appreciate the responses!