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Year 15 Day 225 19:29
I was looking around and I found this
Most simply put, the CP is the way the Admin rewards you, the player, for various activities you do in support of the Combine. CPs can then be exchanged for Credits (the actual currency of the universe), ships, vehicles, etc. There are primarily two ways to earn CPs: OOC work done for the Combine, or financial support.  

And I was wondering how it worked and were is it?
The CPs can then be exchanged for Credits specifically.

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Year 15 Day 225 20:30
At a time CPs COULD be exchanged for credits but as far as I'm aware this feature has been removed. To visit the CP exchange you need to click on your CP balance which is just below your character's level on the right side of the page then click the Exchange link on the page that appears.

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Year 15 Day 226 1:26
Yeah the credits option was disabled as it was a terrible option. Exchanging for the ships etc is a much better deal.


Year 15 Day 227 6:16
I've updated this on dev server so the text will be a bit more accurate and current next sync. Quite a bit of that information is outdated now and must not have been updated in years.



Year 15 Day 259 18:33
Seems like it's been a couple of years now since any new CP Bonus ships or vehicles were announced. Is that feature dead, or are the "creators" just busy with other stuff? Will we ever see new CP ships again? (Please?)


Taking care of business--every day.
Year 15 Day 259 19:08
CP ships/droids/vehicles are released on a random schedule and are not given any advance warning.

Year 15 Day 260 10:01
And it was much sooner than "a couple of years" since they last added new CP entities.

Year 15 Day 260 10:40
Year 14 Day 137 were the last ones.

Either way, considering the room map tool was only just fixed and we still don't have proper maps for the current set.. No rush. :p

(Not to mention, it's not like SWC needs the donation money, considering the lack of dev meetings.)