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Year 15 Day 278 1:51
I took my decision to do it based on that too. Not only because of the wording but also because it makes sense to remove a faulty. Swc has already a limited skill systems that don't allows you to expand and the levels upgrades comes by even harder at high levels.A misfortune like that should be able to be fixed by the character with faulty removal or by a swc mechanism that will allows us to upgrade the strength back to 5 with the skill point system. For me for example is 4extra levels to get ut up to 5again and because im 18 level that's like a 6 months constant effort.


Year 15 Day 278 5:01
Perhaps allow removal, but then block cybernetics from being installed again. Does that seem like a fair tradeoff?

Year 15 Day 278 5:31
Kyran Caelius
Kyran Caelius
I think that would be sensible.


Year 15 Day 278 10:35
I'd say do your due diligence and research an idea thoroughly before making a major character related decision. Don't mean to offend, just my two cents.

To a degree, I can understand some confusion in the rules, but the whole "not currently implemented / not implemented at this time" thing isn't new, and isn't limited to Cybernetics. Every single thing in the Combine is subject to change, or not, even the skill points give you a disclaimer about unforeseen changes. Doesn't mean there will be changes though.

Also, the Cyber rules may be a tad ambiguous, but they're extremely clear on the risks. You got a raw deal on a low % roll of math, but you knew it was a possibility going in. Even if there was uncertainty about potential removal in the future, the way updates take a long time to research, test, and implement, you had to know that if/when it's an option, at best it would be a good long while that you'd be stuck with it.

Keep your fingers crossed, maybe it will be possible at some point to remove. But I don't think you can blame the rule wording or the staff if it's not.

Edited By: Crowe Tasker on Year 15 Day 278 10:54

Year 15 Day 278 14:03
Its easy to judge when you have the results but Just because we got a faulty that doesn't mean that we didn't do our research. We did our research, we are well informed and we playing the game for years and we know how it works.

We don't blame anything, the game is under development but that doesn't stop us playing it and trying to improve it . And we can't bug the dev's for everything we want to do before we do it.

The original question "when" was sensible, and even when there wasn't a plan for it then that doesn't make it final. Here is nothing to change anyway, is only to.add and what we do is to suggest and talk about it. Plus it makes swc sense to be able to remove a faulty for.many various reasons.

On the subject now.
I wouldn't mind to remove.a faulty and then never be able to make another operation.
But an time delay like a year or.something it will be cool too.

Edited By: Okrim Rimdor on Year 15 Day 278 14:08

Year 15 Day 278 19:15
Maha Michi
Maha Michi
".A misfortune like that should be able to be fixed by the character with faulty removal or by a swc mechanism that will allows us to upgrade the strength back to 5 with the skill point system." - Okrim Rimdor

That's the chance you take with cybernetic surgery. Even if you check out all the stats beforehand, it's not a 100% guarantee. You want something without any risk and that's not what this is. If you don't want any risk, then don't get the surgery.


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