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Archives » Resuming constructing of a shipyard
So I bought a shipyard on CPM that had started construction and been paused at 0%.

I have tried resuming construction with 25 builders in my ships exit room but it told me I had no workers available. I went and got 25 workers and tried again but got the same message.

I have the station, workers and builders assigned and owned to me. What am I missing?

Thanks for your time

I assume the ship is also owned by you? Beyond that I am not sure what else the problem could be. Double check that you have builders and not workings. Make sure that you are resuming the right station.


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Yeah I own the ship and the station and I am placed in the same location as it.

It just keeps coming up "Cannot resume as there are no workers available." even though I have workers and builders available in my exit room.

I assume I don't need privs since It has already started construction?

Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Sounds for me that there are no builders assigned anymore to the shipyard (maybe fired or dissolved when the previous owner died/faction dissolved) while the yard were under construction).

Try to take the builder into your party and enter the exit room.
Choose (if possible) via the drop down menu of "Party menu" "add to construction".
If you an add builders to the station construction site, you can re-start it via the inentory resume-button.
If you cannot add builders to the station construction site, you need an admin.
Maybe they can help ...
Worst case would be aborting the construction.

Hmm there doesn't seem to be an Add to construction option in the dropdown menu.

I'm not really sure what to try now :/

Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Ticket and/or admin

Yeah I'm on the #SWC-Help channel right now trying to the raise the admins.

Thank you all for your help

Maybe try putting the builders into the shipyard then use the resume construction option from the inventory?


Just a quick question, are you in a ship producing faction and have the right privs? Also are the workers under the same faction management status?


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I can't seem to enter the shipyard at all. Its like its not there. Maybe because its at 0%

I do not have any privs. I thought they would not be needed as I simply want to resume the construction?

You likely still need station build privs

Ah right. Will I need to pay build costs again?

You shouldn't - it is just that it needs the privs to resume construction, much like resuming production.


Ahh I guess I done goofed haha. I have DMed my faction head asking for privs. Thank you all for your help

I was under the impression you cannot add builders to station construction. Please let me know by Dm if, by having the correct privs, you can restart this.




I have yet to get privs. Once I do I will let you know