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Archives » Will the Red Senario ever be restarted?
Arashi Starhunter
Arashi Starhunter
The title says it all.

Edited By: Arashi Starhunter on Year 15 Day 231 16:37

Unlikely - they were used (from what I can tell) as a substitute for an actual game. Back then it was primarily forum based with little in the way of a game as we have it now. With the slowly increasing features, there is little need for them.


No, never.

The game is not designed for that type of interaction any longer. Under ICIS the user interface reachback to actually effect the database was MUCH easier to manage, but the lack of unified rules (and a severely undermanned staff) strictly unified the theory of being against Red Scenarios for the Combine. Red Scenario 2.0 for Darkness fixed much of the issues, but the damage had already been done and Veynom was no longer interested in it.

Red Scenario 2.0 only exists currently in a congruent game to the Combine that I host occaisionally (under a different name). This isn't an advertisement, but a statement showing that it simply cannot exist in the SWC we know and play today.

Attempts have been made with previous administration to utilize current in game mechanics and infuse them with storied elements. An example would be a Ssi Ruuk invasion which would be a globally effecting storied element, effects all characters and factions, and is Galactic Civil War neutral which would in the end produce the Ssi Ruuk as a playable character race. This too was denied, despite a story and staff ready to go with it.

If you want a storied experience within the Combine and want to gain experience with it, I highly stress the utilization of White Scenarios. I have not participated in WS in the last 10 or so years, but I have heard they also need trained moderators and that can also be an avenue for you to approach if this kind of thing interests you.

Year 15 Day 232 12:06
As stated above, RP Scenarios that result in the creation/destruction/exchange of assets in the Darkness database, as enforced and implemented by Admins will not happen.

White Scenarios are still structured and award CP for GMs and XP for players. Assets are neither created nor destroyed, and no other aspect of your character as they exist in Darkness can be affected (no HP boosts, no death, etc.). They are considered Canon, so of course, usual rules apply for seeking permission from groups and individuals to include & use planets, NPCs, etc which are under their purview. Again, they'd only be included on an IC/Canon basis, and nothing in Darkness would be affected.

All that said, there's nothing to stop Players from coming together and organizing a White Scenario with stakes (the phrase was coined elsewhere as a "Pink Scenario"). E.G. utilizing game mechanics that are within their control to translate the consequences of the Scenario into Darkness. (e.g. making OOC agreements to makeover assets based on events that occur in an RP, or to destroy the said assets (recycling, I guess), or even more simply to agree to make Canon the destruction of certain assets for use in GNS postings, without affecting the database itself). The fundamental point to keep in mind though that it is entirely as between players - there would be no outsider or Admin enforcement of the agreement. If someone chose to reneg on the Agreement, it lies completely with the players to deal with it - No Admin or ASIM or Otherwise will alter Darkness or do Anything to enforce the Agreement.

Arashi Starhunter
Arashi Starhunter
Thanks for all the help:)