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Year 15 Day 241 8:38
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Within our group we have several different factions all affiliated under the one banner but for some time we have been having Starport issues where new folks cannot get to our faction starports.

In the rules it says that from an NPC owned starport you can get to "- You faction starports (open to crewlist and you are on the crewlist)" but even though the faction is on the crewlist we cannot get to them. Even the 'open to all' starports cannot be seen from the NPC transport interface so does this mean that only a member of the faction who owns a faction owned starport will ever be able to travel there and no other faction, even those crewlisted, will ever be able to travel there?

Year 15 Day 241 17:48
I think they might need to be managed by a transport faction to work.


Year 15 Day 242 10:28
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
The problem is if they are managed by a transport faction that will take away the control over who is able to access our starports and render them a big security risk. That and the rules do not mention anything about them having Transport factions, as manager, as a requirement to function.

Can somebody on dev server maybe confirm how they are supposed to work for somebody from MandalMining/MandalMotors/MandalTech to be able to travel to a Mandalore owned Starport, such as Okyaab 3, from an NPC starport.

Year 15 Day 242 11:32
Xakic Jix
Xakic Jix
Like Ellias has said. Starport have to be managed by a transportation faction in order for your starports to work.



I've heard Transport Factions are required as a manager, and formerly were required as an Owner, for all Faction starports that you want to use. It's never been my experience that they were required for what you're talking about.

For your described situation: Your newbie needs to hop into Mandalore. It won't work with the newbie in one of the NATs to a Starport owned by Mandalore. Alt is to have Mandalore makeover the Starport to the NAT.

Right, the only reason I can think of requiring Trading Factions to manage, is if you have your starport Open to All and you want to get FI (ie same way you do for Casinos). I'm not sure if that's how it works for Starports' FI though.

The movement from an NPC-Owned starport onto a Faction-owned Starport is only related to the faction the Transportee is in. That requires: a) Starport owned by same faction the Transportee is in; b) said Starport to be powered and Open to Faction (or everyone - "Crewlist" doesn't work, despite rules); c) Transportee must be in an NPC-Owned Starport.

You don't get to just "add" any faction to the crewlist of a starport and let members of that faction travel there. The starport must be OWNED by that faction (and open to Faction if not Open to All), and the member traveling to it must be IN that faction.

Also just for testing clarification (Just did this on Dev):

If you are IN a Faction-owned powered Starport (regardless whether it's managed by a Trading Faction or not), you can go to NPC starports/galactic museum, or to same-Faction-owned powered Starports that are open to Faction/All. You can't travel to Trading Faction-owned Starports, whether open to you /all or not.

If you're IN a Trading-Faction-owned Starport (but not in the Trading Faction), it seems to still only let you move among NPC-owned Starports, even if Trading-owned Starports exist and are Open to All. Could just be the Dev stuff, but I dunno how many people actually use Starports owned by Trading Factions to move around.

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Year 15 Day 242 12:10
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Okay thanks so our only recourse is to have all newbies join Mandalore to come to us and then disperse into the NATS. Thanks for the clarification Kay. :)

Year 15 Day 242 17:10
Ah, sorry, I presumed that your members were already in that faction. You could just have several different starports in one location for each of your factions.